Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fresh Herbs

We consume A LOT of herbs, each week we stop at our local co-op type produce market to see what's fresh and at times cater our menu around them.  There is nothing like fresh herbs, the aroma as you chop them and the perfumed air when they are in a heated pan.  Out favorites were available today in abundance - Flat Leaf Parsley, Dill and Curly Parsley.

Here are just a few menu items for the week:
Dill covered Sockeye Salmon
Parsley Buttered Red Roasted Potatoes
Our FAMOUS Everything Salad - gets both Dill and Flat Leaf Parsley (pluck off entire leaves, no chopping)
Parsley Guacamole - I am missing the Cilantro gene so it tastes like soap to me so I've substituted it for parsley

***I cook with Curly Parsley and use Flat Leaf in fresh applications (no heat)***

I will check once more mid-week to see if there is mint, basil or thyme.

You can almost smell the dill...don't you wish it was scratch & sniff?
Once the herbs are picked free of any off looking pieces, I wrap each in a separate paper towel and put them in a zip lock bag for use though out the week.

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