Wednesday, February 6, 2013

YouTube Etiquette

I get asked questions about YouTube a lot - some are technical but most are ethical/etiquette related.  I am listing some of the most popular.  The list might grow with time as new issues/resolutions arise.  Feel free to ask or share your experience in the comments below.

  • Take the time to say thank you.  I send a message to each subscriber to thank them for joining my channel as well as provide some of the other channels they might find useful
  • Take care in making videos - good lighting, minimizing background noise, music (I always opt out of using music)
  • Prepare - have all your necessary supplies on hand - if showing a completed project
  • Tutorials - make some swap outs (if you have several steps in the process, make one of each). 
  • Provide supply lists either in your Description or add a link to a blog post.  Most viewers appreciate seeing a list of what you used in a project or a link to the shop from a haul
  • Provide Inspirational Credit - if you see an idea that you re-interpret or recreate, please give credit to originator or who you saw it from last and if possible provide links
  • When doing a video, remember to ask viewers to Thumbs Up, Comment & Share.  This is an integral part of Monitization - the more of each you have the higher your per view/click payment is.  Don't ask me how the formula works, it's always been allusive to me.  One of the few things I have yet to figure out
  • Be flexible - YouTube is notorious for making changes, sudden, massive, minor, tweaks, you name it. It seems as soon as you get acclimated to seeing/doing things one way, it gets changed.
  • Be patient - changes in subscription numbers, comments, likes/dislikes are all a part of making yourself available on YouTube.  If you are not prepared for the possible outcome you can always turn off comments & likes/dislikes.  I leave both open because I want the interaction - mostly good but sometimes not so good
  • Put time aside to respond to comments.  I take an hour a day - answer direct questions first then try to respond to each comment on a particular video.  This can be time consuming but I know is appreciated by people.  Again - a thank you goes a long way
  • Be interactive - engage your views in participating - by sharing your video with their social networks, invite them to post video responses and ask direct questions
I will be adding to this list but this is a good start.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I am open to ideas!

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