Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tonight's Dinner - Brats and Potato Latkes


  1. how do you make the potatoe latkes??

    1. Thank you. I pealed and shredded 5 medium size potatoes, soaked them in cold water till I was ready to mix them. Drain off the water but leave the white starchy residue at the bottom of the bowl. Add salt, black pepper, shredded onion, eggs, parsley and garlic powder. Mix well and scoop with an ice scream scoop to keep the sizes equal. Fry in a neutral flavored oil, I used grapeseed, till crispy on both sides. Because I was waiting for hubby to come home, I put the finished latkes on a cookie sheet and kept them warm in the oven at 250 degrees F.
      :) Natasha


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