Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tonight's Dinner - Miso & Ginger Glazed Roasted Pullet with Veggie Fried Rice

3 lb Pullet (a young chicken a year or younger) rubbed with an Organic Miso and Ginger glaze, orange juice and Garlic Pepper sauce.  Baked on a quarter sheet pan at 425 degrees F - careful not to let it burn.  If I see it getting too dark, I turn it down to 375 and foil tent the chicken so it can cook to the bone.
Paulie came home last night with 4 blue duck eggs from one of his customers so I used on, scrambled in a separate frying pan and added to the rice.  The rice was leftovers from last night.  I made a double batch of the Basmati on purpose for tonight's fried rice.  Two 1/4 inch thick slices of low sodium turkey ham cubed and seared to replicate the 'pork' fried element.  In addition, I added baby sweet peas, mushrooms, onions and dash of fish sauce, tablespoon of toasted Sesame oil (less is better than more, it's pretty potent), ginger and the rest of the leftover glaze that I made for the chicken.  Married flavors and warmed the rice through.
Egg mixed in... doesn't it look like take out?  Tastes pretty authentic, only thing I did not have on hand today was scallions.
Blue Duck Eggs - I used just one for the fried rice
Served! Sliced pineapple on the side to complete the Asian themed meal.  The cute little chickens are a generous portion for one or as it happens in our house it's one of us plus 3 dogs.  Mushka's favorite, she is a chicken LOVER!

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