Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Explosions 4-15-2013

I am shocked and heartbroken at the Boston Marathon explosions that took place today.  The ugliness humans inflict on each other will never make me accept this as a part of life.  It does not have to be, it can't be!  Why would taking some one's life(s) be a way to make a point - it's not political, it's senseless!  I can't ignore the similarities to 9/11 - a beautiful cool sunny day - Boston celebrating an event with participants from all over the world.  To think of how many times we walk down a street, oblivious to the possibilities that something like this can happen.  I want to live in a world that does not have this much hatred.  I want to be happy and want others to be happy without the fear of personal injury at random locations because someone wants to hurt to send a message.

My VEDA today is just my gut reaction, it did not feel right to post the fun and playful footage from earlier in the day.  Those will make their appearance in upcoming videos but not today.

My 90 year old Uncle Dima lives in Boston, both Paulie and I have cousins in the city.  We visit there and have traveled down the streets affected today, never even imagining something like this.  I feel like another layer of my protecting covering has been forcibly peeled off leaving me emotionally vulnerable.

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