Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Funbits - It's BACK!

What do you have a hard time keeping track of on your desk?  I had to include the last part to disqualify husband/boyfriend/significant other because that's all beyond my


  1. LOL! I had to laugh at this one Natasha! I always lose something I need the most. A funny story is my Tanger Craft Pick. Not the red one that Tim uses, but the brown one. I just loved that thing after years of trying to find just the right one. Well, I lost it and looked for weeks. Finally, I went and ordered 2 more in the hope that if I lost one, I would still have one to use. Well, when I got the 2 in the mail, Guess what!! Yup! I found the lost one, so now I have 3 of them. LOL! Hugs Lori

  2. Oh Foo! That was supposed to be Ranger Craft Pick, not Tanger!

  3. Thanks Natasha for a chance to win. Funny I tend to lose many things while I am crafting on my desk, sometimes it is my glasses, sometimes it's my tape runner or pen or even part of the project I'm working on. lol


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