Thursday, April 25, 2013

VEDA - Day 25

My Most Used/Top Small Kitchen Tools/Gadgets

  1. Magnetic Knife/Tool Strips - make it easy to store your knives without dulling the blades and having your most used kitchen tools (metal) at the ready by your cooking location
  2. Portion Scoops - squeeze type that are sized by oz and plastic scoops for dispensing bulk foods (flour, sugar, bulk grains..)
  3. Wide Frosting or Offset Spatula - perfect for spreading peanut butter, dressing/may/mustard on bread without ripping it - very efficient because of its size vs. a dinner knife
  4. Citrus Juice Reamer and Fine Strainer - I'd like to pick up a stainless vs to replace my wooden one because I never know what exactly it gets used for when I am not looking
  5. Microplanes - started out as a woodworking finshing tool that got appropriated in the kitchen.  I use this for hard cheeses, chocolate, garlic, ginger, citrus zest, you name it - I've tried it on a microplane
  6. Stainless Veggie Brush - two for one - not only to wash root veggies and brush mushrooms but also to get cooking smells off your hands when used like a bar of soap under warm running water
  7. Kitchen Scissors - cuts through chicken, herbs, pizza crust - another all around useful tool
  8. Good veggie peeler - a must to have a comfortable handle - root veggies can't live without one
  9. Salt/Pepper Grinder - I've had many but a grinder is my fave because I like rock salt and pepper corns to release their potency when I go to use them
  10. Knife Sharpener - I use each and every time before using my knives!  Part of my habit in the kitchen

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