Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ramsey 3/24/2004 - 7/3/2013

We lost this adorable little dog yesterday, his life with Mom and Dad was a full and happy one
Paulie and I cared for him when they were away on holiday so he spent a lot of time at our house with our dogs, cat and chickens 
 Most recently just a week ago
 I just taught him to go off leash in our yard
 This was possibly the closest he and Mushka ever got to each other
 I think she did not appreciate that we gave him as much love as one of our own
 a rare photo frame with all 4 dogs in one shot, Chester is in the back checking out something important in the grass

 This was one of the last night's Ramsey spent at our house last week, he just looked to cute not to take a picture, in retrospect, I am so glad I did because I will never have another chance again.
Ramses was adopted from a local Humane Society at 7 months old and despite a diagnosed heart condition at the age of 5, lived to a relatively ripe old age of 10 years old.  He will be missed by Mom, Dad, Paulie, me, Irene, Eric, Amanda and Eli along with countless friends of the family who all knew just how much love his offered freely and without expecting anything in return.  We love you and will miss you!


  1. So sorry for the families' loss, I hope your Mom can remember the happy times with Ramsey and that can help her through this hard time.
    You're all in my thoughts & prayers,


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