Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RAPESCO Zero-01 Lightweight Stapler

A generous box of goodies arrived from across the pond today, filled with a great lightweight stapler, staples in two different sizes and a wonderfully designed staple remover. 
The Zero-01 Stapler differs in that it's extremely light but durable.  The extended front allows even those with light grip to staple without distress.  This is due to the length beyond the actual body of the stapler, either being used flat on a desk or in the air, it's consistent and easy to use.  Maximum 20 sheet (printer paper weight) capacity.  Easy front end loading with a push of a button. 

 Zero-01 fits two different size galvanized steel staples, already an unusual fact - these smaller 6 mm (depth measurement), 1/2 inch or 12.7 mm wide
And 8 mm.  The RAPESCO Staple Remover 101 is a great accompaniment.  It's tip is so precise that it even removes the tiny staples from Tim Holtz's Tiny Attacher. 

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