Sunday, July 28, 2013

Staying Organized - Sunday Afternoon Tasks

Sunday Afternoon Household Tasks:
~ unpack groceries
~ refill grinder (salt & black pepper and saves me the hassle during the week)
~ refill paper towel and restock toilet paper in baths
~ reorganize the fridge - chicken treats galore!
~ plan weeknight meals - Meatless Monday, leftovers repurposed
~ get uniforms ready for the week (Paulie)
~ mix chicken food - layer crumbles (their fave) + cracked corn + oyster shells + roasted meal worms
~ refill dog & cat food containers
~ trim and pick the garden (cucumbers, herbs, trimmings to the chickens)
~ sanitize all water bottles - cat, dog, chicken & Paulie
~ refill Kuerig coffee stand
~ pick what new recipe I want to try this week
~ plan this week's videos & blog posts
~ pop pork in the oven for dinner - Korean pulled pork & cole slaw
That should be enough and ease up my work week.  Do you have a Sunday routine? Care to share?

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