Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yummy Treat - FAGE with Blueberry Acai

I devoured this yummy treat in moments and while I was scraping out the bottom of the flavor section, I started thinking about what I like and that I wish was different:
  • Enjoyed - rich, thick, yogurt - even without the flavor cup content it's pretty tasty
  • Enjoyed - the portion size is good - ration of flavor to yogurt is spot on
  • Enjoyed - they stack nicely in the fridge (my OCD tendencies appreciated this most of all)
  • Enjoyed - the unusual packaging which I will re-purpose for watercoloring
  • Not So Enjoyable - the flavor section is shaped in such a way that once tilted majority of it comes out but there is still enough left at the oddly shaped bottom that it forced me to flip my spoon over to use the narrow handle.  Not being gifted with a Gene Simmons size tongue, I had to resort to an actual tool but didn't want to waste a single drop of the Blueberry Acai!
  • Selection at several local stores was less than expected - I got a teaser when visiting the Fage website but was only able to find the following: Peach, Honey, Blueberry Acai, Cherry, Strawberry.  I would really like to also try: Strawberry Goji, Cherry Pomegranate, Mango Guanabana, NEW Apple Cinnamon Raisins, NEW Orange Cinnamon, NEW Passion Fruit Clementine, NEW Kiwi Papaya Passion Fruit
Overall a nicely flavored and seasoned yogurt that is not runny and completely satisfying.

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