Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vlogust Day 8 - Outtakes & Chicken Salad

Good thing I had 90% of this prepped - Taraggon Chicken Salad.  Today was an extremely long and busy work day, very little vlogging done so I've popped in some outtakes and never before used clips at the end of the video below.


  1. Chester always looks so hopeful with his toy! We all have days like that. No problem. Loved sitting in your back yard with you and the boys. :)

  2. I think the dogs are adorable.. I love pets.. I have 1 dog 3 turtles 3 cats and 12 chickens.. so yep I love animals :-) I love your back yard it is so nice and peaceful looking.. I love your garden. We have one but got it in late and most of the rabbits and deer and raccoons ate it up.. my beans and the corn.. :-( but we will have tomatoes and pumpkins and zucchini and a few yellow squash.. Your vblogs are starting to inspire me.. But afraid to do them.... :/


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