Monday, September 2, 2013

BzzAgent Package - Distinctly White by Luster

This is what was in my BzzAgent kit for Distinctly White by Luster:
  • A Distinctly White whitening kit - rinse wash and whitening paste with a brush on applicator
  • NOW Whitening toothpaste in 6 - individual packets, enough to try and share
  • Six coupon packs - each valued at $9.50
  • Welcome postcard from BzzAgent
The following is my before photo without any enhancements, just cropped to see the details:


  1. So how long do you have to use these? Or how many treatments, I suppose I should say?

    1. Rita,
      The results are supposed to be noticeable after 2 days - 3 treatments each day for a total of 6. To be honest, I still have to do the first one. I plan on starting tomorrow and will post results here.
      :) Natasha


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