Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wild Blueberry Belgian Waffle and Life Realizations

This incredible beautiful Belgian waffle was covered in wild blueberries and florets of whipped cream.

This one was the size of the plate, nothing else besides coffee was needed.  I will not be sharing the odd combo of things Paulie ate but the dogs enjoyed his leftover bacon.

This was out view while sitting at the counter, on a little to low a bar stool for my long legs, but the mixer is original to the building.

This is a milk dispenser, loving the large p-touch labels, guess I'm not the only one who appreciates organization.

We sat next to an older couple, enjoying their after church breakfast and when one of the owners stopped by to say hi to Paulie (he's a regular with his 'work wife' Kevin) we started chatting to discover that she came to the US as a child in 1969 from Greece and the older gentleman next to us from Germany in 1950 while I was the last to arrive in 1979.  The world is full of different people but at the core, we all share more in common than we realize.  Maybe that should be the glue to finally push us into a more peaceful coexistence with each other.


  1. Reminded me of my waitress days as a teenager. Had the same milk machine and mixer for malts&shakes. No instant coffee machine, though. We had to brew ours and clean the huge machine out every week. (Should have been nightly so the coffee wasn't bitter, but you know truck stops.) ;)

    Yes, I wish we would notice more about what we have in common. Where did you come from in 1979?

    1. Rita, I arrived to the States with my family as a child from Odessa, Ukraine (formerly U.S.S.R.)
      :) Natasha


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