Wednesday, November 6, 2013

YouTube Comments Changes Effective 11-06-13

Around 9:30 pm EST 11-06-13 YouTube changed/upgraded the comments interaction
The first time you try to leave a comment on a video (once logged in) you will see the pop-up message above
A new check box option to also post your comment on Google+ is now live
In addition, each comment you leave can be disabled from being replied to or reshared
Leaving the defaulted box checked will post your comment either Publicly or 

to a Selection of Existing Groups which display in the drop down
A nice improvement is that you can now Edit your posted comments, Remove the comment entirely or Disable Replies Initially, once your video goes live, an automated comment is left below your video with a 'Shared This via Google+'.  This comment can be Edited, Removed or Replies Disabled
Comments on videos not posted by you, there are two options - Report abuse or Mute (although I have not tried this personally, my guess is that it removes the comment from view)

Additional Changes:
  • URL Links can be posted in the comments, this is the promised replacement to Video Responses that were eliminated in September 2013
  • If you have your YouTube account set to be notified via email when comments are left on your video, now that email will arrive from a Google+ address rather than YouTube
  • Internet Explorer users might not be able to see comments or see the comments but not be able to reply.  Apparently Google Chrome works perfectly, what a shocker!


  1. Thank you Natasha for sharing hugs Terrie

    1. Terrie,
      You are welcome. I will continue updating this post as more issues/resolutions come to light.
      :) Natasha

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