Friday, January 24, 2014

Dinner - Pork Chops, Baby Zucchini, Parsley Potatoes & Caramelized Onions

Two softball size onions (Spanish or Vedalia) cut in half and then sliced as half moons
Pat of butter in a hot nonstick pan, salt and black pepper
Medium heat, stir regularly - DO NOT WALK AWAY
The sugars in the onions will develop and create a caramelize yuminess that is rich and super tasty
In 15-20 minutes the onions will become golden brown with some crispy bits but not burnt or crunchy
In the same pan, after removing the onion jam, put in baby zucchinis cut side down


  1. I have just read your blog and I find the onion jam recipe interesting enough that I think I will make some after I have been shopping

    1. Noaleen,
      I make the onion jam pretty regularly, this way I have the onions on hand for when I want to add them to weeknight recipes. I hope you enjoy it when you make it.
      :) Natasha