Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I Love Label Makers

This was my first P-Touch Label Maker, PT-1750 discontinued now, but it sparked in me the desire to label anything that is not instantly recognizable in the house.  You name it, I labeled it!

  • High quality laminated label technology
  • Can print on 4 different tape widths from 6mm to 18mm
  • Prints up to 2 lines of text
  • 15 character LCD display for easy editing
  • Auto numbering and repeat printing up to 9 copies
  • Prints in 6 sizes, 9 styles
  • 57 built in symbols
  • Underlines and frames text
  • Prints vertically and horizontally
Then I upgraded to the PT-1960, which has since also been discontinued, which has the following functions:
  • Connect to your PC (USB Cable required) to use more fonts, add graphics, or print from databases
  • Small desktop design -- perfect for helping organize any home office or office
  • Create high-quality, easy-to-read labels in seconds
  • Flexible: Prints up to 5 lines, with 64 type sizes/style combinations
  • Perfect for file folders, binders, property labels, or virtually anything that needs a label 2 line LCD display
  • Includes AD-60 AC adapter
Although both are quite old in the world of technology, I love and use both on a weekly basis.  Here is just a small example of where they make an appearance:

  • Squeeze Bottle in the Kitchen for different Oils & Vinegars
  • Closed Tins in the Bathroom - Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, Tampons
  • In the Freezer to bulk food broken down to portions with date and product, never guess what's that!
  • In the studio - labeled storage containers with what's inside to make life more productive
  • In the office - file folders, filofax tabs, electrical cables, you name it - I've labeled it
  • On the vanity - nail polishes, open dates on cosmetics
TZ Tapes come in the following sizes/colors:
  • 6mm, 9mm & 12 mm White on BLACK
  • 6mm - 18mm Black on WHITE
  • 6mm - 18mm Black on CLEAR
  • 12mm Red on WHITE
  • 9mm & 12mm Black on YELLOW
Search online for best prices, today on Amazon a 2-pack of 12mm Black on WHITE tapes are $17.49 and PRIME for a suggested retail of $34.99

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