Saturday, May 17, 2014

It Was 35 Years Ago Today....

Left to right: Me, Dad, Mom, Irene and Grandpa Aaron

May 17th, 1979 we arrived in New York City, the following day we flew to Des Moines, IA fresh from a 4 month pit stop in Italy after leaving the Soviet Union. Today our family celebrates 35 years in the US. This polaroid is incredibly emotional to even look at, Grandpa Aaron left us a few years later, my sister Irene Blumenthal was just two years old, my Mom was just 29 and Dad was 31. I give them incredible credit for leaving everything they knew and turning their lives upside down to give us a chance at better lives

Grandpa had early stages of dementia and there were some doubts he would make it to the States but he persevered and lived till November 1982

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