Monday, May 5, 2014

RAPESCO AV-69 Heavy-Duty Stapler

This fabulously stable and easy to use stapler is from RAPESCO, available on, at an incredible price 
The purple base's 'wings' snap on for extra stability making it the easiest repeat stapler for those larger jobs - notebooks, handouts, instructions or whatever else you need to complete
Adjustable guide makes repeat project to be consistent without constant measuring 
The push of one button releases the staple reservoir 
Easy to load and close
And even easier to staple, just one finger needed, staple up to 115 sheets of paper
Onboard replacement staples are housed directly under the stapler, never run out in the middle of the job again
Ever have your stapler 'walk' off your desk? This little 'property' window allows you to add your initials 
Keep it simple, funny, witty or be as direct as necessary (respectfully) to let your coworkers know that this one is YOURS!

Would you like to see a sample project?  How about some mini notebooks made of graph paper and craft paper covers?

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