Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trying Something New

Our local produce store, Interproduce, started carrying middle eastern and Indian specialty foods including deserts. I have been eyeballing them since they first appeared but I am the more adventurous of the two of us so I finally grabbed a sample package to test them out. So glad I did!
Most if not all of these deserts are made with Gurr instead of traditional white or brown sugar. Some are like fudge while others like soaked dumplings. I will do my best to describe their taste and texture but unfortunately I don't know their individual names. If anyone can recognize them specifically, any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.
The tri-color treat is like a fudge but not as buttery although extremely smooth and sweet. I'm pretty sure that the green one to the left of it is the same but just in a different color.
This little morsel is crumbly and tastes like it was baked rather than deep fried (no crust and it was really light in color). It has a vanilla undertone and what might be almond flour for a faint nutty taste. One of my favorites because it was not cloyingly sweet and I really enjoyed the texture.
This was in a shape of a sphere and pretty sure contains oil, pistachios and an herb which might be mint or even basil. It appears to have been either shaped or baked but not fried (no crust or color on the exterior). Tasty, soaked in a simple syrup but one bite was pretty much all I could do (on the high end of the sweet meter).
One of the fudge like deserts with toasted almonds, sweet but not overly so. I am not a fan of fudge so this falls towards the bottom of my faves but I am glad I tried it.
Second of the three baked treats, probably using the same basic dough but with food coloring added for visual interest. Also soaked with a syrup so it's moist but not wet and drippy.
This one almost looks like glazed yams and maybe that's why I keep thinking of it's taste that was as well. Wish I could be more descriptive but that's all it reminded me of.
A 'fluffy' style fudge which may or may not contain coconut milk.
The last of the super sweet fudge type desert, not my fave to be honest. Simply too sweet for my palate.
In the center of the plate is a piece of the last balled and soaked baked desert, tasty and moist, perfect with a hot unsweetened tea. OK, after research and help from Debee the center treat is called Gulab Jamun which is a spongy milk balls in rose scented syrup.
Another view of the entire desert sample plate
After the tasting
The End!


  1. I was curious so took to Google....there are a couple items on this page that I think may be some of your desserts...specifically the ball one and the carrot one, and maybe the fudgey ones (base is cottage cheese). Anyway thought I would share and see what you think. There is a small middle eastern grocery store nearby....I think I am going to check it out and see if they have anything like this. I like trying new foods, too....tried Phillipino food last week. For the most part, I enjoyed it very much. Enough so that I will try it again. :)

    Link to Indian dessert article:

  2. I believe the almond fudge may be this dessert called "Barfi". BTW How does one not like fudge?! ;)

  3. I wonder if the one that reminded you of candied yams could be this dessert made from chickpea paste? Looks similar, but not really the same.

    Okay, I will leave it for now....sorry if I am being a pest....It's just that when I get curious about something I have to try and investigate a little and then I like to share what I learn. I would be interested in learning what you think about my guesses based on your photos and descriptions.

    Wonder if that middle eastern grocery store is open today? Might have to go for a little drive and see....

  4. Help! I can't stop myself! LOL

    I actually think this one looks more like the yam one, going by the appearance of color and texture....It uses Graham flour.

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  7. One more, another version of Barfi, and I am stepping away from Google. LOL.


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