Monday, September 15, 2014

My Facts of Life

I missed my husband while he was in the hospital, even though it was for approximately 32 hours but when he came home it dawned on me that there are mysterious things that occur in the house which he never seems to take notice of. Here are just some of them (I'm sure there are many more but these stuck out):

  • The first mystery of the self regenerating toilet paper roll - he has seen us bring the full packages of it home but has never really replaced them. I've even gone as far as do a video demonstration on how to change the roll in which direction I prefer the paper to unroll.
  • Our kitchen has a water cooler that holds a 5 gallon bottle of water but for some reason only I seem to notice that when you push the button to dispense water it's futile if the bottle is empty. Obviously, I changed it myself after dropping some not so subtle hints without results.
  • We recently began making our own dog treats out of skinless/boneless chicken breast in the food dehydrator. In today's shopping trip to Stop & Shop we picked up a flat of chicken trimmed of all fat, skin and bones which are perfect for treats. Although I just wanted to go to bed and snuggle in the cooling evening, I forced myself to cut the chicken and pop it in to dehydrate overnight so I can use the dehydrator to make myself some yummy kale chips tomorrow.
  • Dishes, sheesh, where do I start. Our kitchen has a cabinet and it's resident fairy only comes out at night to take care of all those nuisance chores that we don't feel like doing, RIGHT! Lets be hones we all know that I am that fairy!
  • As I mentioned we grocery shopped earlier, another one of my little pet peeves is that the food makes it into the house but then there's an expectation that each item sprouts legs and walks themselves over to their storage space... now that I'd like to see.
  • Doors - where do I start - the kitchen cabinets get left open, front and back doors as well but I'm still trying to figure our why... any insight would be greatly appreciated
Do you have any goofy things that occur around your house that make you wonder why you are the only one re-filling, closing, putting away things? Please share, I'd like to think I'm not the only one.


  1. Lisa,
    I bet more women have these same experiences, we just do what needs to be done but it would be nice if the mysterious tasks are recognized by those living with us.
    :) Natasha


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