Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple Project Each Day in September - Day 2

Today I have chosen to go introspective and work on some goals that I have been putting off for some time and felt the timing is now just right (just like that little Goldilocks).  The following are my goals for this month:
  • Go to bed before midnight - I realize this is should not be that difficult but I find that most of my productivity is booming after the rest of the house is asleep and I feel free to complete tasks that tend to fall off the list during daylight hours
  • Drink more water - recommiting to 3 litres a day of water/seltzer
  • Juice - start each morning with a satisfying juice of frozen fruit which I've missed the last few days
  • Leave food on my plate - not sure why I still have a mental hold on being a member of the 'clean plate club' but I should know better at my age. Stopping eating before being full and take even a 10 minute break will help my brain catch up to my stomach and avoid overeating and that shameful guilt that comes along with overdoing it
  • Appear on camera more often - number one request is to show my mug, I'm not exactly shy but occasionally need reminders that I am not here to please anyone else other than myself
  • Create more - it's not that I lost my mojo but rather it got berried under household and life tasks that took over my 'free' time
  • Join a swap - I stumbled across a video from last year of a swap I hosted and it reminded me how much I enjoy the entire process. Perhaps not to the level of involvement that makes me feel like it's a second job but certainly to stretch my creative muscles
  • Purge clothes - why in the world am I holding on to clothes from 20 years ago? Out of style and many don't fit so they are just a painful reminder of what is gone/done/over. Best thing I can do is clear the physical clutter and start fresh
  • Revise the clear a tote, a bag or a box a day to get the clearing away the old moving in the right direction
  • Start journaling again - at one point in my life I wrote daily, now it feels off to hand write more than a phone number or a note in my Filofax but miss it and it's something that helps me gain perspective
That is plenty to keep me busy, do you have any goals? Do you find it's more real once they are down on 'paper' vs. in your head? How do you hold yourself accountable?


  1. I'm revising my listmaking/calendar. I have three places right now and am finally going to order a binder (Franklin covey) to combine them all so I will actually use it and be more productive (hopefully--lol!). I'm one of those people who has to write by hand. Lists, journaling, letters...been doing that in various forms since I was nine. There is something different about pen in hand. It's just more introspective and intimate thought somehow than typing on a keyboard for me.

    I am also downsizing in the hope of moving within the next year or so (if I am lucky). So I am shaking things up, reorganizing, and changing the energy around here, too. Feels good!

    Great list and good luck! You go, Girl! :):)

    1. Rita,
      It's a work in progress by putting it down in print will help keep up on track, that's the primary reason I am doing this. Each step is that much closer to a good habit.
      :) Natasha

  2. Many of your points are also mine and I am going to re read and pick the ones I think I can tackle successfully and give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Barb,
      I'm glad you find this useful, it's a visual reminder to myself to keep on track.
      :) Natasha


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