Thursday, September 11, 2014

Simple Project Each Day in September - Day 7

Time for some cleanup, today it's my email and folders filled with messages I mean to reply or keep which are now obsolete.

Here's what it looks like now:
148 emails in my inbox that need to be files, deleted or replied to, then off to clean up each of the 27 folders
There is absolutely no reason to have 178 emails for coupons, deleting all expired down to just 35
Cleaning up even more clutter by removing unnecessary folders entirely
Time to also create some new folders to better organize the new categories, like my iPhotography course emails
This is also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your Newsletter subscriptions, I recently cleared up by unsubscribing to quite a few that were of no interest to me.
Last but not least, clear out the Delete folder! Easy, Peasy :)

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  1. Think I did it again, I am awful at messaging back, just sent what I think is an email with this. Geesh!!! I really meant to put the message here on your blog.
    I am a pain in the tusshie!!!

    I followed your direction and am done! I needed a good cleaning out, thank you.

    Was hoping you would talk about your subbies. I get my notice in my email when you and all others do a video or blog post. But, sometime I look at my mail and just want to cry, trying to figure how many hours I will need to get thru it all.

    Could you let us know how you handle your subscribers notices? I would be so grateful to know how others control their notices and how you get to everything and still have time to work and craft???

    Only if you have time, I know Paulie and work and keeping up at home is a lot on your plate.


    Barb P


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