Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sequin Storage 'Dresser' - Dollar Tree Pill Organizer

I picked up all three items for this project at Dollar Tree - Nail Polish remover (double duty - nails and removing printed text on pill organizer), Cotton Rounds and 7-Day Pill Organizer
Each Pill Container day is marked and has 4 compartments - Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and Bedtime. They snap open and are divided to keep things separated.
To remove the days of the week, I simply soak some Nail Polish remover on a cotton round and rub off the letters.

Easy peasy.
All 7 Days gone.
These loose sequin packs are also from Dollar Tree and are in small plastic baggies that are not always the easiest to reuse.

I emptied each of the colors into the little pill containers - each color took up half of one day. I was able to put up all but the metallic sequins. Those will probably be popped into friend mail since I'm not a fan of gold to begin with. 
Love they way they look and how easily accessible they are in the containers vs. little baggies. 

Two shades of purple. 

Sequin 'Dresser' all in the storage container.  To be perfectly honest, several of the compartments do not snap completely closed. Some of that was fixed when the lids were turned around but there were still a couple that just pop up a little. Once in the 'dresser' the little 'drawers' are all staying closed but might not be the best solution if you are traveling with these supplies.

How do you store your sequins?

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