Sunday, July 12, 2015

Click It Ink Pad from Ken Oliver Crafts

 Ken Oliver was at Inspiration Station in Stafford Springs CT teaching a couple of classes on watercolor technique. The perfect little ink pad to have on the go for all you planner enthusiasts. I bought two of them in Crimson and Lamp Black. Check out how cool these are:

 The ink pad is compact when not in use, housed in a plastic cover with a chain attachment to pop it on a key ring or the strap of your planner.
Simply take off the lid, push down and slide the lever to extend the glide mechanism up 
When it clicks, it's fully engaged and ready to use to edge a project, ink up a planner stamps or deposit ink on to a larger stamp 
Once done using it, simply press and slide the lever back down till it clicks and replace the cap.
Sample of ink, using a Studio G rubber stamp

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