Sunday, August 16, 2015

Aldi's Specially Selected Artisan Berry Crisps

I saw these at Aldi on our recent shopping trip, intrigued enough to bring each flavor home with us for a test drive. Boy, am I glad I did! These are DELICIOUS - crispy, savory and sweet and even more spectacular with a little unsalted butter. 
These are the Goji Berry Pistachio, you can easily identify each ingredient - goji berries, slices of pistachio and loaded with flax seeds and oats. 

I think these are even tastier that the Goji berry ones, the tart and sweet cranberry is so complimentary to pumpkin seeds that it's essentially the perfect bite! Did I mention that I'm in LOVE with these crisps? Well, in case you missed it, I AM! 
They even look inviting, I only used a plate for the photoshoot, otherwise it would be straight out of the box for me.
One down side it the packaging. The box has a window but the interior sleeve is the plastic wrapped so once you open it, these need to be transferred to a sealable container in order for them to retain their crispness (especially in humid weather). Since we've opened both boxes, I'm making sure they don't go to waste and will incorporate them into upcoming meals and snacks.

Ultimately, if you see these, buy a box or two because you never know if you'll ever see them again. I would not steer you wrong. FYI - at $3.99 retail per box they are not a staple or necessity but a lovely treat.


  1. I, too, found these wonderful crackers at Aldi's and was thrilled. I bought several packages and when I went back to buy more - THEY WERE GONE off of the shelves! I asked about them and the store clerk told me they were just a specialty item that they carried for a short time and I should tell the company if I wanted them to carry them all the time. I wrote to the company and stated my request. I got a short letter back saying that unfortunately there are hundreds of items that they try out in their stores and they need to make room for more of these types of items, so they can't carry them full time. I am annoyed...

  2. I loved them too. Found them 2 days ago. Esp good with a Wellesley Cranberry cheese also from Aldi. I'm going back for more. Hopefully they will still have them

  3. I bought the pumpkin cranberry and served it with mango pepper jelly and irish cheddar. It was the most delicious thing ever

  4. absolutely delicious...and they help with digestion and constipation..these tasty upscale crackers act like a helper with bathroom time. The only problem is only consuming 3 crackers at a siting...I tend to eat more..they soooo good..IMHO these are the perfect food !!!


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