Saturday, September 26, 2015

What We Ate 9/16-9/26

Toasted sesame bagel with a shmear of whipped cream cheese, lox, red onion slices and caviar 
Weekday afternoon treat of decaf coffee with a scoop of coffee ice cream and honey sesame snacks 
Pulled Pork, Acorn Squash, Israeli couscous and kimchi 
Roasted acorn squash with agave, pepper and butter 
Israeli couscous cooked in chicken broth then topped with micro veggies 
Pulled pork in tasty BBQ sause 
Kimchi that helps to cut through all the rich elements of the dish 
Portabella mushroom ravioli with ricotta, parsley and garlic 
Toasted sesame bagel, cream cheese and strawberry jam 
Last Sunday of Summer pasta salad with kalamata olives, roasted and marinated red bell peppers, vidalia onions, tuna and micro veggies in a greek vinaigrette dressing (amended with 2 tablespoons of mayo) 
Deconstructed stuffed peppers - Royal Rice Mix smothered by 5 pepper saute with sliced and seared ring bologna and chorizo crumbles 
Key Lime Cheesecake scoops with vanilla wafer and lime zest 
Meatless Monday meal of Sweet Potato soft tacos loaded with roasted peppers, mushrooms, garlic, fresh salsa, cheddar cheese, sour cream, dill and lime 
Country ribs slow cooked and glazed with BBQ sauce, cold sauerkraut, roasted red bliss potatoes and blistered cherry tomatoes 
Weekday lunch of leftovers in form of a tostada napoleon with peppers & mushrooms from earlier in the week 
Blade steak with au poivre sauce 
Red Wine potatoes with mushrooms and young garlic cloves
Naked Pasta with toasted panko bread crumbs, parsley, red pepper flakes, lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil

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