Monday, June 6, 2016

Easy Homegrown Sprouts

These lovely, crispy and peppery sprouts are a favorite in this house on sandwiches and in salads. After a quick search they can be made at home in 3-5 days. I purchased all the supplies on Amazon (except Ball Mason jars that I already had on hand) and wanted to share the easy and cool process with you.

Soak overnight in a wide mouth mason jar
Rinse and drain at least twice daily (morning and evening) or three times like I did to expedite the growth process

Love seeing something grow and so quickly. It certainly satisfies the nearly instant gratification.

These are wonderful, so refreshing with a little bite and will last for the week of salads and sandwiches. Make sure to store them after rinsing off the hulls and storing them in a air tight container. To get the most water removed, I used a salad spinner and lined the bottom of the container with paper towel to wick away any excess moisture. 


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