Thursday, July 29, 2010

August True Blood Tag Swap - Closed

I am hosting another True Blood Tag Swap in August.

Sign-up for TRUE BLOOD themed Tag swap will be open on a first come first bitten basis. If you love the show or Charlene Harris' Sookie Stackhouse book series, this is your chance to show your creativity.

Theme:       True Blood (HBO Series)
Challenge:  Use a recycled or a reclaimed element
Choices:     Vamp or Human (sorry no Shifters this time)

Tags are due to me by August 31st. I will be sending reminders weekly to get updates on your progress and maybe chat about the show... Return postage to be included with your completed tags. Please keep the tags to a reasonable size - minimum of 3 in x 5 in and maximum of 4 in x 7 in. International participants are welcome but will need to post their creations a week earlier - by August 25th.

VAMPS - Make 8 but send me only 7
1. Natasha Z. Hensel - RECEIVED
2. Dana Keenan  - RECEIVED
3. Toni Louise Tickner - MIA
4. Sylvia Holmes - RECEIVED
5. Deb (Scrapdelight1) - RECEIVED
6. Amy Wajda - RECEIVED
7. Mamie Lou Jeadon - RECEIVED
8. Trina Kison - RECEIVED

HUMANS - Make 3 but send me only 2
1. Natasha Z. Hensel - RECEIVED
2. Trina Kison - RECEIVED
3. Dana Keenan - RECEIVED

To participate, leave a comment below this post with the group you have chosen - Vamp, Human or Shifter. I will make a tag for each group. If you have any questions, email me at


  1. I left you a comment over at life as a scrapbooker but just in case. I want to try something different with my tag so can I sign up for the vamp tag swap.

  2. oh i'd love to be in the vamp tag swap pls Natasha i just love tru blood x

  3. Hi sign me up for the August swap please, I'm a vampire girl...Thanks Deb (Scrapdelight1)

  4. How many tags will we have to make?

  5. I think I am going to leave this open another couple of days so no one misses the signup. The cut off will be 10 max for each group.
    :) Natasha

  6. Man i missed out on this swap, this one is awesome...hopefully you have another one!! Love all your work:)

  7. Hi ..did you mail these back to us yet?
    Thanks Deb

  8. What's taking the other girls so long to send their tags in..I know Toni is in Canada how about the other girls?

  9. Are the August tags being sent back yet? Send back the extra's and forget about the flakers...
    its going to be week..Thanks

  10. Great News Ladies!
    All the August tags have now been received and will be shipped out tomorrow, 9-30-10!
    :) Natasha


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