Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peachy Cheap Haul - Fancy Pants 6x6 Stacks

Five 6x6 Paper Stacks from Fancy Pants Designs, all from 2011:
Beach Babe
Beach Bum
Summer's End
It's the Little Things

I guess I just discovered another paper company that makes my fave 6x6 stacks in great patterns.


  1. Oh pretty papers. Its my New Years Resolution to buy papers. I have an appalling amount of papers, ie, very little. But Im trying to fix that. Oh dear the envelope was certainly bruised and battered. Enjoy your new goodies. Hope your ear gets better soon. Lee x

  2. Thanks Lee,
    Have you ever considered splitting a stack with a friend - half the cost and everyone gets a bit of the paper stack.
    :) Natasha


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