Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sakura Garden in West Hartfor CT - Review

****I tried to post a link to the restaurant web site but it has been pulled off line, not sure why but I know I was on it on Sunday (4/22)****

Paulie and I went to Sakura Garden in West Hartford (Groupon was about to expire).  Here is what we both thought:
Nice location, clean, friendly hostess, contemporary decor with comfy 'leather' chairs and generous tables.  The buffet was just being set up when we arrived, dinner starts at 4 pm on Sundays and we were there at a quarter after.  The prepared dishes were lush and beautifully presented.  Not too many things which is a good thing.  What I tasted was perfectly seasoned and the appropriate temperature for the dish.  What we were disappointed in was the actual sushi - bland, lacking anything memorable and entirely forgettable.  Our waiter was a bit crabby but after making a note of that to the manager, explained that he was under the weather at which point we gave him a pass and a generous tip.  I know what it's like to have to go to work when you don't feel like yourself, let alone in the service industry.  All in all, we would go again and possibly try some of the more interesting sushi rolls.  FYI - Sunday's is Family Fun day with a $7 per person discount (which we could not apply because of the Groupon) so if you plan on going - make it Sunday! Regular weekend adult price is $28.95 so it's not cheap.

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