Saturday, July 7, 2012

Parisian Journal - Created on USTREAM


  1. Oh Natasha, This is just Beautiful. I LOVE the colors you have chosen. Blue is my very Favorite Color and when paired with Brown it Automatically seems to Magically give Both the Sophisticated and Chic look. AWESOME,

  2. WOW Natasha this is beautiful, i loved the papers you used and the making of this journal.
    I have a question. You have also a crop a dile, me too. Can you give me that paper you have for the sorts of eyelets and the holes, i hope you understand what i am asking.
    In my profyl is my email, please send me an email whith it, so i can used my crop a dile.
    Thanks you soooo much.
    Hugs Astrid

  3. Your work is outstanding! How do I get the cricut cheat sheets I saw on one of your you-tube videos. There awesome!
    Any help will be much appreciated


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