Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Funny Story - Hubby Related

My husband, Paulie, goes to fill up his gas tank on Sunday nights for the week... it's a ritual that typically last a couple of hours because he listens to NPR and then returns home.  One recent weekend he headed out the door on a Saturday morning to run a few errands and pick up coffee and breakfast for me.  I got up, dressed, fed the dogs, the chickens, washed the eggs, started a crock pot meal... did laundry... you get the point - lots of time passed.

I call his cell to see what the holdup is to hear the following:
Paulie - 'My car STOPPED working.... '
Me - 'What do you mean stopped?'
Paulie - 'I was driving and then I could not'
Me - 'What do you mean, speak English and use words to explain exactly what happened'
Paulie - 'I was driving and it stopped, I rolled into the gas station called a friend (who is a mechanic) and he looked at it, we can't figure out what's wrong'
Me - 'Do your lights work in the car?'
Paulie - 'Yes'
Me - 'Do you have gas?'
Paulie - silence....
Me - 'Well?'
Paulie - 'Let me check'
Me - an aside - what do you mean let me check, isn't that one of the first things you'd check? or your brilliant mechanic????
Paulie - 'I'm out of gas, be home in a few minutes.... sorry, I'm and idiot'
Me - 'Your mechanic is one too!'

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  1. lol... Natasha! Love this story. Thanks so much for sharing! have a great day! Maria


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