Monday, February 4, 2013

Recent Blog Spam

The following are my theories on why bloggers are getting spam
  • Robo spamming is performed in the hope to generate blog traffic
  • Prison population has access to the Internet and no productive way to use it
  • I don't want to have to approve each post or make participants enter those absurd non sense words
I've had several recent posts on my blog that generate spam comments daily but I can't seem to figure out why these few vs. others.  One is a simple photo of my breakfast oatmeal.  There is no recipe or any text yet all the silly comments are about how 'wonderful' my content is and could you please stop by and check out my blog with an embedded link to a porn site.  First - I don't click on anything from anyone I don't know.  Even a message from people I know may not be safe if their logon was hijacked.  Whenever possible, do not click on links from 'odd' looking posts.  They could be to a fishing site or worse instant and behind the scenes installation of a malicious software.

I don't approve your posts so you are just wasting your own time!  Good luck and find another hobby!


  1. I know natatasha i only get spam comments iv gotten 7 already today their a pain plus they fill up my inbox i hopethey stop it soon tfs dano

  2. I have had the same problem. I think the robo spam targets blogs with a good deal of traffic and try to hide their comments with links where it will not be seen as easily so they can get a higher rating on the search engines by having a link on several sites with traffic. Just my humble opinion. Tried the option of approval before comment shows but I was getting over 25 a day so that got old. Did not want to have word verification so I chose "open ID" a few days ago. Seems to have worked.


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