Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cafe Escapes Review

As a part of a trial package from BzzAgent, both my husband and I tried each of the five varieties of Cafe Escape flavors and are providing an honest review of the product based on our personal tastes.  This review is just that - our opinion but we feel it's

  • Cafe Vanilla - Paulie liked this one OK but I found it to be watery and somewhat flat in flavor with a bit more sweetness than I prefer
  • Cafe Milk Chocolate - Paulie enjoyed this one the most, I was indifferent to put it politely.  I found it too watery and lacking the promised lush mouth feel
  • Cafe Dark Chocolate - my favorite of the five, Paulie's least favorite.  It's funny how tastes can differ so greatly.  The only observation I can make about this flavor - when I removed the cup once the brew process completed and supposedly all the flavor was extracted, a thick glop of dark chocolate concentrate developed directly below the spout on my Keurig.  I didn't move the cup prematurely but it seems like there was more there that didn't make it to my palate. Being curious, I help up the 'spent' K-Cup to a light source and there appeared to be about a quarter inch of something left at the bottom.   I expected that for hot chocolates, pretty much everything would be vacated from the K-Cup leaving just the plastic shell, unlike with coffee leaving grounds behind
  • Cafe Chai Latte - The gene for enjoying Chai must be on the same DNA strand as Cilantro - and I must be missing both.  I do not enjoy the smell or taste of either and this was by far my least favorite.  Again, ironically, Paulie enjoyed this one quote a bit.  Go figure!
  • Cafe Mocha - I liked this one, smoother and more flavorful than the rest I tried.  Paulie was lukewarm to it.
  • Cafe Caramel - I thought it was way too sweet and not the caramel flavor I expected, Paulie didn't finish it and thought it was not 'caramelly enough' for his liking.
Would we buy these - possibly a couple of them, if they were on sale but not likely at full price in the grocery store.  It was interesting to taste test these.


  1. I loved the Cafe Caramel one a lot. not so much the Cafe Mocha. The Chai and the Cafe Vanilla were okay. the cafe caramel and vanilla ones I don't know why but I was expecting coffee grounds, not powder like the hot chocolate. lol I have a hard time taste the flavor in some flavor coffees but these I could taste.

    1. Sheri, thanks for the review - I was expecting so much more from the chocolates that I might have been tinted for the rest when they didn't live up to my expectations. The strange sludge that came out from the hot chocolates seemed like it should have ended up in my cup instead of on the drip pan of the Keurig. Did you have this issue?
      :) Natasha

    2. Hmmm no didn't have that issue.


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