Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Camera - Nikon D3200

This is what I received today from Amazon - Nikon D3200, the standard lens, strap, cords and manual.  I opted not to get the package with an additional lens or bag or tripod in part because I have a bag and a perfectly good tripod.  Picking up an additional lens was a bit premature - I first want to learn 'on the job' with the standard one and then see if I'm even interested in getting another one.  Too many new toys at once is not a good thing - someone always ends up being left behind.  I will learn all that I can with what I now have and then decide if I need/want to expand my accessories.

This is a quick, no fuss, no muss shot of the closest thing on my desk once I opened the camera, loaded the partially charged battery and an SD card I already had on hand.  Not too shabby, right?  I am not a professional and have been using a 12 megapixel point and shoot up till today so this is such a nice change for me.   

The detail it picks up is extraordinary to me, after years of using basic cameras, I'm instantly in love with this one and it's barely out of the box!

Video of the UnBoxing:

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