Friday, May 24, 2013

Filofax - Pocket SKETCH in Granite

Thanks to Nadine (nadinetx on YouTube) for pulling my name in her giveaway for this adorable Filofax which I have been using since it arrived.  Because of it's compact design there is not a lot of real estate for decorating using some of the more popular things like washi tape but I can certainly utilize my stash of stamps to make things more productive.  

I received a stamp set from Stamps of Life that might be my current favorite when it comes to the smaller pager (I have a week on two pages).  In addition, I have created insert pages on my Silhouette Cameo for a To-List and anything else I might need to add without having to buy it online.

Do you have an organizer similar to this or are you purely digital?  What happens if the power is out and you don't have a charge on your device?  Paper and pen wins every time!

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