Friday, June 7, 2013

Cool Find - Zipzicles

A wonderful way to make frozen treats and leave out what you don't want to feed your family like preservatives, sugars or food dies.  I am going to try a Orange 'Creamzycles' version using orange juice, zest, agave and cream from our local dairy.  Check them out by clicking on the logo above.  Their story is sweet, the idea came from a 10 year old boy named Luke.  They were kind enough to send me enough to share.  Keep an eye for the post with my recipe where I will give away a 12 count package of Zipzicles by WizCo.

Here are some quick ideas what you could use these for besides frozen 'ice' treats:

  • Portioned Stock - chicken, beef, seafood, veggie - there are so many times that you need a little addition to a sauce and don't want to break out a big container
  • Portioned Herbs - in season, herbs are plentiful at the market or from your garden.  Zipzicles are a perfect vehicle to store these for use year around
  • Compound Butters - I know that we've all learned to use the plastic wrap technique but using Zipzicles would significantly cut down on freezer burn and you can break off just enough to use in a sauce or on that perfectly grilled item
  • Pesto - rarely do I ever finish an entire packaged container of pesto but the amount that would fit into a Zipzicle would be ideal for a pasta salad or to add to a spread for a sandwich
  • Adult Mixed Drinks - think of it like 'jello' shots but less mess and no artificial stuff in it.  Keep in mind that the higher the proof, the less frozen the mixture but how refreshing would that me on a hot afternoon by the pool?

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