Friday, March 14, 2014

Apple, Pear and Craisin Pi (Pie)

So to celebrate Pi Day 3.14 I posed a question on Facebook - Savory or Sweet.  Although several people voted for BOTH or more accurately One of Each I opted to make this Apple, Pear and Craisin pie.

Before you remark on the ugly pie, I must confess, this is my first homemade pie crust and I made this rather late in the day after working, cooking, cleaning and my enthusiasm was pretty bare by the time I started

Here are the mistakes I made:
Over processed the butter/flour/salt/water
Didn't roll out the crust thin enough, probably because it was crumbly and falling apart
Had the oven up too high, 375° F, so I burnt the top of the crust crumbles in several spots as well as some of the fruit edges.
I have to admit, for how hideous the pie looks, it smells incredible and tastes pretty darn good!
If I choose to do this again I will avoid all the pitfalls above, or buy pre-made crust.

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