Friday, March 14, 2014

Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens by Pilot

I picked up this set of 7 assorted color Varsity Disposable Fountain pens from Amazon, they also come in 3-pack (Black, Blue & Purple).  At the time of purchase, the 7-pack was just under $20 US
The 7-pack includes one of each of the following colors:
Teal, Purple, Pink, Green, Red, Blue & Black
The caps snap on with a reassuring sound, hopefully this means little chance of leackage
The scratch pad on my desk is very lightweight paper, probably 20lb, and the ink writes smoothly with virtually no skipping or feathering
The nib is M so it's similar to the Shaeffer refillable fountain pens I use as well
Smooth nib with a clean appearance even after writing several recipes on note cards
Standard Filofax paper weight did shadow on the reverse side but did not bleed through
No dry time makes these pens a nice option to ball point.

For anyone curious about the sustainability of this product, although these are noted as Disposable, there is a way to re-fill them with an ink-dropper by pulling the entire nib housing out of the pen.  I personally have not tried to do this to any of the pens, yet, but have seen several reviews of these being successfully refilled and used without leaking (always an encouraging thing to hear).


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