Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Project - FREE Washi Storage

Just finished off a roll of this Press'n Seal Glad plastic wrap last night and just as I was about to toss it in the recycler I noticed that it had one unusual feature (vs Aluminum Foil boxes) a center core roll which looked like it might fit at least some of my washi tapes 
and it did! Easy Peasy steps below 
Each side has a plastic stopper that is not glued down, pop it out 
Tip up one end of the interior roll and slide on the rolls of washi tape in your preferred direction - over or under dispensing (the old TP debate...) 
This particular tube will fit washi tapes with a 1 1/4 center or larger 
Replace the plastic stopper and use 
I pulled a bit of each tape and stuck it on the box edge for easy access. This box will fit approximately 20 - 1/2 inch washi tapes side by side with room to dispense.

The cutting teeth on this packaging are on the lid rather than the base of the box. I will live with it as is for a while to see how it works for me, otherwise I can relocate it to the base when the tape ends are at the moment. Since it's just glued on, I can remove it gently with a sharp knife/blade edge and re-glue it to the box itself but time will tell if that is necessary
The best part is in this packaging/storage the tapes stay dust free, the ends don't get ratty and it only takes up a 2 inch square of space on my tiny work surface or can be tucked away in a desk drawer.


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