Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Dinner

Cured Spiral ham, trimmed of skin and extra fat 

Oven pre-heated at 350° F, cup of water added to the bottom of the pan 

Foil and pop in the over for 12-15 minutes per lb, it's only to reheat rather than cook 

Potatoes - peeled, sliced and soaking in cold water for Scalloped potatoes 

Moses sticking by very close in case there is anything for him, our sweet veggie loving dog 

Basic bashemel sauce with a combination of several cheeses and fresh parsley cover two layers of potatoes in each pan - one for each family - Mom and Dad, Irene and her family and Paulie and me 

Last but not least, broccoli and crasins ready for the oven to roast up with crispy bits 

So beautiful

Ham, several hours later, foil removed, pineapple and honey/brown sugar glaze added 

Broccoli out of the oven 

Scalloped potatoes resting 

Happy Easter!

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