Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicken Update- 45 Days Old

Omlette and Eyetza

Nellie Fritattah

El Loco & Omlette

Samantha & El Loco

Samantha & El Loco - not a love match

El 'Puffy' Loco directing the chicks below

How did I get up here?

Omlette & Nellie Fritattah

Nana Janet& Nellie Fritattah

Nugget prepping for a closeup


Nugget's CLose-up

All back safe in their house


  1. can you do another video of them? just love seeing and hearing them.

  2. I enjoy your chicken updates. Years ago I used to raise chickens. Can't say that I'd want to again, but there are some fun memories. One memory is when I reached under a hen to retrieve eggs she may or may not have been sitting one, and feeling something furry. I nearly had a heart attack! Further investigation revealed 4 or 5 tiny newborn kittens. :) Mommy cat and one hen took turns taking care of those kittens. :)


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