Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Un-Mounting Stubborn Rubber Stamps

I show in the video how I un-mount the stubborn stamp but in the photos below I share how to remove any chunky residue after peeling it off the wood mount.

Stubborn Stamp removed from wood mount -
using Stick Away from Crafters Companion International
Spray a liberal amount on stamp, cover work area with paper towel
Do not leave remover on too long, it could start to break down rubber

Use either a wipe or warm soapy water to clean off stick remover

I used a recycled tape dispenser for the chunky foam removal

Scraping but not digging into the rubber, wipe between scrapes.

Once chunks are gone, you can peel up the think layer of foam and wipe

Wipe or wash clean all remaining little pieces before re-mounting

Don't forget to also wipe/wash the front of rubber stamp

Once dry, place on sticky side of Cling Cushion Foam

Ruff cut with non stick shears

All set for detail trim with hot knife


  1. Very interesting post, thanks for sharing important and nice post with us.

  2. Just watched both your videos on this topic. It never occurred to me that I might be able to peel the rubber off without heating, so I may have made things harder for myself. I used the microwave to heat my wood mount stamps before trying to peel off the rubber. Some came off beautifully but I have dozens with a lot of foam that is stuck on so tightly that I have spent hours and hours trying to remove the foam. I've used a rubber scraper and a metal one with Goof Off and Goo Gone and Un-Du and anything else I could find, but it takes me almost a half hour per stamp to get all the bits of foam off. Eventually, all that scraping gave me muscle cramps in my hands and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Jeez! Now I have a bunch of stamps I can't use and I'm discouraged...

    I have not yet tried the coffee maker or heat gun techniques but that's next on my list!

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll let you know how this all works out.

    1. Nancy,
      If you have a lot of stamps to unmount, the coffee maker process is the most productive by far. I always try to dry peal first, in case they are older or just don't have a lot of stick left.
      :) Natasha


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