Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wild Orchid Crafts Bio

My name is Natasha Z. Hensel and I am the YouTube Design Team lead for Wild Orchid Crafts. Many of you may already know me as Enastasia but with recent changes to YT I am sporting my full name these days. Having been a part of this team from it's inception over two years ago, I've had the opportunity and privileged to play and create with many of the embellishments from the shop. 

My style is streamlined (think IKEA but in paper and flowers) and I tend to challenge myself by using color palates that are not close and dear to my heart but rather outside the comfort box. Not to say you'll never see my faves being used, just trying my best to see art from a different perspective to facilitate growth.

My background is in fine arts and I 'earn' my living working for a Fortune 100 company - a hybrid job of technical skills, training and problem solving. That's one of the reasons you see and hear me describe projects in painfully minute details, that's either a good or an annoying thing (hopefully not the later).

I started to share my art after loosing a very dear friend. This gave me a therapeutic outlet and I quickly fell in love. With all the lovely products available to us as a part of the Design Team, the ideas are plentiful.

I thank you for coming along with me on this journey and watching out videos, commenting on Facebook posts and pinning your creations on Pinterest. Without you, we would be considered flower hoarders. :)

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