Sunday, October 6, 2013

A5 Size Filofax Weekly Menu

The fall weather is getting cooler which means more comfort meals that not only fill you up but also satisfy you from the inside out.  This week I've planned a slow cooker meal on a day I have lots of meetings and a fun Appetizers only evening on Friday night.


  1. I was all ready for the colder weather and then....what is this hotness???? Our leaves started turning, it smells like fall and my slow cooker is begging to be used. I almost can't wait for the cooler days and soup and grilled cheese sammie days. I have a great cauliflower soup recipe I think you and Paulie would like....When it gets a little cooler I'll be making a video of it.

    1. Oh, grilled cheese and tomato soup is both out favorite! I change it up a bit and make it from scratch or add funky cheese and apple slices to the sandwiches.
      :) Natasha


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