Sunday, April 20, 2014

Oddly Sentimental

Tonight, as I was reaching into the freezer to put ice into one of my favorite blue glasses, an IKEA Kitchen rail that has been resting on top of the fridge fell on my arm holding the glass. You can guess what happened next, shattered glass everywhere, banged up arm and for a split second I thought the scalpel sharm glass severed something on me. Either I have the reflexes of a frightened squirrel or dumb luck but no cut. I am now down to the last glass that I've had since my Freshmen year in college, trust me that was not recent. I can't quite explain why these silly glasses are so sentimental for me but all I can think of is that these lasted with me for over two decades.  Moves from state to state, house to house and not a crack but in the last few weeks I've lost 3 of 4 glasses. Is it Karma telling me to let go of the old? Makes you think, doesn't it. I acted like a child and broke down to a point where Paulie thought something was seriously wrong with me. There are no marks on the bottom of the last glass so I have no way of searching for them online but you never know, maybe I'll come across them at some point in my travels or never see another one again.  Perhaps this is an exercise in patience and acceptance of what can happen in life and learning to move on without regret and looking backwards.  For now I am drinking out of plastic! lol

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  1. Our little grand daughter wanted a baby my daughter in law borrowed 3 chicks from a friend of hers for her to play with for a little while. He friend will raise them as you do for eggs brown and blue. They are about a week old. They have a heat lamp and will keep them in the house for a short period. They have a big Plastic container. when they become too big they will go back to her friend. Scarlett is going to be 6 in may. their dog is getting old and i am afraid that she won't last much longer. I don't know that she will take it well with the baby chicks go. My daughter in law said she was surprised how much they eat...I guess that is why they grow so quickly. Well have a good week. Pam


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