Monday, March 18, 2013

Today's I Spy Photo - Block Love

My mini drawer storage unit full of clear acrylic blocks in all shapes, sizes and weights.  Good thing I have years of Tetris skills to be able to fit them all back in, each and every time.  Dare I say that I have a Fiskars stamp press and 17 various ones in this little drawer.  How many blocks are kicking around your art studio?


  1. Well, I have the Fiskars stamp press, too. But only 4 acrylic blocks....would love a few more, esp. ones with grids/lines on them. Mine don't have any and I wish they did!

    1. Penny, I would recommend picking up a couple with grid lines, very helpful when using sentiments or letter stamps.
      :) Natasha

  2. Welllll I have a Fiskars Stamp Press as well. I also have approximately 30 other blocks in various sizes, weights and styles. I just put them in a basket on my table. I was never good at Tetris LOL ~ Hugs ~ Pat :)


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