Thursday, March 27, 2014

Filofax - Sometimes It's the Little Things I Fall In LOVE With

It's often overlooked but sometimes it's the little things that make me fall in love with an item, in this case my Filofax(s).  Too few to be called a collection and since each are in use at the same time, they are utilitarian first and that suits me just fine. 
The first fine detail I always notice is the spine logo - convex or concave they are simply elegant.

In color or black, above. 

The back stamp is just as memorable 

I even like the stitching on the Domino 

My Metropol Personal Organizer is my day to day wallet so I get to shlep it around town and on road trips 

The spine logo of the Sketch Zip A5 is almost like a rubber stamp although I've not tried stamping with it (but I might) lol 

Love the zipper of the A5, nothing falls out of my household organizer and that's perfect because I tuck all sorts of loose magazine pages, coupons, recipes...

I decorated a piece of cardboard (dress shirt insert) with just some of the images that make me think of home 

And how could I pass up the adorable 6-ring organizer stamp, it's even zipper style like my Sketch A5 

I also use multiple rulers, one for each quick go to sections of my calendar 

And last but not least, the zipper pull which is the perfect size to grab and pull without resistance


  1. Hey Natasha,
    Still only have my faux filo and not a real one yet. I am having issues finding printable pages that fit the planner I have. It's a 6 ring and the pages measure 6 3/4 x 3 3/4. Which Filo is closest to that size? I can't tell if it's a personal, A4 or A5. Heck I don't really know what I'm doing and I really need to start getting organized.

    1. LeeAnne,
      Are the 6 rings separated by a larger space between the two 3-hole sections? It sounds like a Personal size equivalent in the Filofax world.
      :) Natasha

    2. LeeAnne you might have a Franklin Covey compact size planner.

    3. LeeAnne you might have a Franklin Covey compact size planner.

  2. where did you get yours!! i am from canada

  3. I got the Sketch Pocket from Nadine (won a giveaway), the Dominos are from as well as the A5 Sketch and finally the Metropol Personal which I use as my wallet was a Holiday gift from hubby.
    :) Natasha


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